Learn What’s Cooking In The Field Of Robotics

Robots are being used increasingly as new trends in the field of motion sensor technology and artificial intelligence (AI) is making this technology cheaper. The bots have become smarter and efficient, cutting down on man hours. Robots are easy to train due to its machine learning mechanism and can be deployed in any type of work environment, capable of sensing human presence help them to prevent collisions. The artificial intelligence scene is turning more advanced and is being embraced by industries due to its efficiency and speed of handling customer queries. The future of automation will also see mobile autonomy as it is increasingly used in cars.

The reasons for the industry experiencing a faster growth are attributed to:
· Robotics require advanced training to handle different types of task, irrespective of size. Earlier it was difficult for the Robots to handle small operations but new gen robots are being programmed to fly by just demonstrating a few commands on your smartphone or iPad.
· Robots have become affordable thanks to the growing technology. Today robots are able to provide return on investment in a few months than decades which used to be the case earlier. The prices have come down drastically due to the affordable sensor prices among others.
· Robots are collaborative and come in all shapes and sizes. These robots work in close coordination with humans in lighter manufacturing tasks like on the counter or workbench. Ofcourse there are those hulks that do tremendous core in heavy industries.
· Robots are able to adopt an open source ethos very quickly. For a range of robots, the ROS or the Robotic Operating System has become the mantra. For instance, a robot developed by Stanley Robotics called Vector the carts materials around semi conductor environments such as warehouse or factories. It is difficult to estimate the open source model on how it has been driving the growth in various industries.

Changes in the manufacturing sector
Manufacturing sector is driven by technological developments to improve their operations in a smart and efficient manner. Inorder to adapt to the economic scene it is important to embrace newer technologies. Today Internet of Things has taken over, as manufacturers are moving towards smart technologies.

The business should be flexible to adapt to the ever growing changes that come its way. Some of the prominent changes that can affect the system include the Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Flexible businesses have the ability to over ride the political and economic changes by taking to internal process and employing people with varied expertise. The actual challenge lies in responding to the unpredictable changes and relying on outdated ERP system. Even today many businesses are using legacy software making it difficult to scale down or up the production. While not using a stronger ERP system they tend to lose out on the competitive edge.

International Federation of Robotics claims that over 1.7 million fresh industrial robots are likely to be installed across factories worldwide by the end of 2020. This puts the annual growth rate at 14 percent. It is not just sufficient to combine data science and artificial intelligence to recognize the capacity of Internet of Things. Holding on to large chunks of information can be of no use if the manufacturers are unable to put it to proper use. This data has to be used to take informed decisions and improve business outcomes.

The future is AI driven
Providing rich customer experience is the key to success of any business. In this context Artificial Intelligence has a greater role to play. It has a great impact on the growth of the business in many ways. For instance, an ERP driven by AI can provide dynamic workflow by showcasing how better the organization and employees can interact, before providing end user optimizations.

When it comes to enhancing customer service, AI has a great role to play. It offers customer services that are not restricted to time zones. It offers excellent customization from start to finish in a customer’s journey.

Irrespective of the economic and political upheaval, businesses are unclear about the future. The unstable scenario globally is confusing the industries. Despite the turbulent times organizations can improve their position by taking smarter decisions.

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