Improving Safety, Privacy And Security of Property Using Automatic Metal Gates

An Image of Metal Iron And Stainless Steel Automatic Gates For Industrial Purpose.

Automatic Metal Gates For Properties

Properties, be they vast or small, must primarily be safeguarded. Investing in the security of the property will never be a loss as it will help in the long run. After all, the peace of mind of the lives inside the premise is pricier than anything else. A supplier of a high-quality metal gate, automatic mild steel gate singapore or metal gate is a great investment as it effectively protects your property. A gate is a necessity in every property. It is one of the safety measures that is installed in every residential or commercial property. Automatic gates made of mild steel and other metals are more in vogue in recent days.

For a start, it is fairly simple to operate. Anything that is automated provides a lot of comfort for its user. Like, you have to sit in the car while the gate opens itself for you. It is more preferred in high-end residential complexes and apartments. Automatic gates help secure your property with a private password, and people who do not have the password cannot access your property.

Different Types Of Automatic Metal Gates

Automatic metal gates are of two types, namely, sliding gates and swing gates. Let us take a look at each type of gate in detail.

Sliding Gates
Sliding gates are either free-standing or come on rails. Both types of sliding gates either use a tracked or cantilevered type of motor. The weight of the gate is the primary factor in choosing the motor type. Whichever type of motor you use, it should be powerful enough to open and close the gate. You should be able to move the gate manually and electronically. The motor power should be 24 to 230 V.

Swing Gates
Swing gates are also called hinged automatic metal gates. It is made to automate in different ways. It comes in two different varieties, namely, ram arm automatic gates and articulated arm type. The former requires around 180 mm space between the two gates, whereas the latter requires a large pillar of a minimum of 200mm. The space requirement will increase with the size of the gate. Underground gates require a top hinge point of 60mm space from the post. The ram-type has an angle of 130 degrees, while the articulated type has 90 to 110 degrees. Underground motors turn about 110 degrees. Swing gates are more aesthetic and appealing as you don’t see the motors behind the gates. The motor is fitted into the underground system, and it effectively hides the motor.

Benefits Of Using Automatic Metal Gates

Some of the most important benefits offered by automatic metal gates are:

Provides safety and security to your family and pets
You will have to safeguard your property, and along with that, you need to keep your family safe. An automatic metal gate, often known as security gates, is a great way to secure and protect the property. It is more used as a front gate or driveway gate to restrict the entry of vehicles and pedestrians. It means you can secure your family, house and possessions more efficiently. With an automatic gate, you can –

  • Be inside the safety of your car as you open the gate when you arrive home late in the night.
  • Prevent kids walking out of the premises or running after a ball into an oncoming vehicle.
  • Prevent kids from strangers and animals.
  • Keep pets within your property limits.
  • Keep pets away from the attack of other animals.

An Image Representing The Benefits of Automatic Gates.

Provides privacy
Automatic metal gates provide more privacy by preventing intruders and unwanted vehicles from entering your property. It reduces the occurrence of theft and the chance of a stranger viewing the interiors of your home.

Enhances visual appeal
An automatic gate is pleasing to your eyes from the outside. Your property will look good and raise the kerb appeal.

Increases the property value
If the property looks great, it will fetch more value. A gate is an important asset for property, and an automatic gate has many functional benefits which can attract buyers.

Reduces insurance premiums
Insurance companies are aware of the security benefits of automatic gates, and hence installing automatic gates will lower the insurance premium of the property.

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