Innovation And Technology In Dental Industry

Futuristic Dental App Interface For Medical And Scientific Purpose Representing The Future of Dental Technology And Innovtion.

Automation In Dental Industry

When it comes to consulting dentists, we always think twice and procrastination sets in. It is due to the kind of experience that one must face throughout the treatment process. The different set of tools tinkering inside our mouth is not what we desire. Dental care is essential for our overall health and to maintain a beautiful smile. An orthodontist from the top Chennai dental centre, Medavakkam, points out that people try to avoid dental visits as it makes them feel uncomfortable. They have to pay multiple visits to complete the treatment.

Today, things have become much easier in the dental industry. Technology advancement has brought about new changes in the dental industry that has made dental care more accessible, quicker, reliable and less painless. Automation in the dental industry has been making lives easier for the past 10 to 15 years. Computer-aided design and CT scans technology has specifically evolved for dental purposes. Dental implants, bone grafting, tumour surgeries can now be done more effectively using CT scans. Technology also helps in designing prosthetics for missing parts of teeth and jaws. Such developments have made life easier for many patients who otherwise would have struggled.

Scope And Challenges Of Automation In Indian Dental Industry

India has one of the fastest-growing dental industries globally, and with the advent of technology, the market share has been increasing. India has around 180k registered dental graduates, of which 80k are actively practising. Most of the dental care business is around urban and semi-urban regions. The market size of the Indian dental industry is around 2 billion dollars, and it has a 20% growth YOY. The new trends in the dental field are now well received by the patients.

An Illustrated Image Showing The Patients And Dentist In A Indian Professional Dental Clinic - Representing The Automation Concept In Indian Dental Industry.

Accuracy of treatment, reduced treatment time, and more predictable treatment led to the newfound love in dental treatments. The presence of digitised information has made the process even faster, including the tests done at labs. A challenge that is bound to rise is the rise in treatment cost. When technology-aided treatment makes the process quicker and faster, it also comes with an extra charge. Patients are compelled to spend more on quality dental care.

Another challenge is the need for trained professionals. Training programs have to be tweaked to include new technologies. The learning curve is more where dentists are taught to practice dental care with the latest technology. Practitioners will have to revisit the standard protocols of each procedure to include automation and technology. In India, dental treatment is not covered by insurance. It is a hurdle as most people cannot afford the exorbitant charge. The government must implement new trends in the dental industry, such that it reaches the masses. India will need to focus on manufacturing new dental technologies locally to make them more affordable. Currently, most of the automation equipment is being imported.

Recent Innovations In Dental Industry

A Woman Holding A Smart Electric Toothbrush Tool Having Sensor In It.

There are many new trends and innovations in the dental industry, of which a few have made an enormous difference. A smart toothbrush is an innovative tool that comes with a sensor to monitor your brushing habit. It will make sure that you brush the teeth correctly. It is a great way to teach kids to brush their teeth the right way. A digital denture is a system that can make precision dentures within a fraction of time. The system uses devices, advanced software and other materials to make dentures quickly and with ease. It can also create prosthesis using discs.

Augmented reality has made its impact in the dental field. It is helpful in teaching techniques and letting students practice on dental models. Teledentistry offers new ways to execute dental services. It is the ability to provide dental consultation over the net. It is helpful for people who do not have easy access to a dentist. This feature will benefit people with special needs and the elderly. Intraoral cameras allow dentists to have a better look inside a patient’s mouth. The dentist can see the image on a screen without causing any discomfort for the patient.

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