Google Mobile Phone

A Google mobile phone sounds kind of strange doesn’t it? Has Google left its search engine strategy behind to manufacture and distribute mobile phones now? No, that’s not what a Google mobile phone is. A Google mobile phone is simply a smart phone that has been enabled to use Google’s many interactive Internet services. What do we mean by smart phone? Well, nowadays that’s probably just about every mobile phone in use, for a smart phone is simply a cell phone that is enabled for Internet access. Every cell phone manufactured in the last few years can, therefore, become a Google mobile phone.

Here are some of the things your phone could do if it were a Google mobile phone. It could, for instance, deliver the latest news by text message or even by SMS (short messaging service.) It could help you find a location through the use of Google maps directly onto your mobile phone screen. It would be a kind of miniature GPS (global positioning system) by mobile. A Google mobile phone could let you read your Gmail and send e-mail as well. You could do searches on the Web with a Google mobile phone or look up someone’s address or phone number. You could browse and read blogs, and even update your own.

It’s quite easy to convert your smart mobile phone to a Google mobile phone. The first step is to go to the Google site and its Google mobile phone page. Here you will enter your cell phone number, after which Google will send you a text message. The text message from Google is numeric, and it will be hyperlinked. You click on that link in the text message and you’ll be taken to the page that offers you access to the various Google mobile phone features and services. For those who are nimble fingered enough, there is a one step process for setting up your Google mobile phone. All you have to do is enter the URL for Google mobile into your phone’s browser and you’re all set to Google via your mobile phone.

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