Essential Guidelines For Storage And Handling Solutions In The Workplace

Manufacturing units and warehouses dealing with hazardous materials need proper storage solutions. The laws and regulations are getting stricter by the day to protect both the environment and human beings from potential danger. For any industry the storing and handling of materials is vital. Whether raw materials or finished goods, there should be a continuous flow of movement in the workplace. We have partnered with leading racking solutions provider for our storage and racking solutions.

Training on storage and handling materials
According to, all employees must be trained in general and safety practices before storing and handling materials and equipments. Employees must understand the difficulties involved in storing and handling materials. Whether manually or mechanically employees are exposed to potential hazards and proper training can help in minimizing workplace dangers. Employees are vulnerable to potential dangers while handling and storing equipments. Accidents can happen in an unsafe environment. Proper work practices can eliminate risks. Employees should examine their workplace and detect unhealthy and unsafe conditions and take immediate steps to mitigate risks.

Dangers in the Workplace
Workers handling heavy and bulky objects are vulnerable to injuries. Bending, twisting and turning can all result in back injuries. Some of the other hazards include falling objects due to poor stacking techniques. There potential injuries that can happen due to the improper moving of materials. It could lead to a strain on the back, perhaps even a fracture or a bruise, while dealing with heavy pieces of equipment manually.

Worker handling storage and moving of equipment have to wear appropriate protective gears and learning proper handling techniques. This can help in preventing injuries due to overload. Take help when you are unable to handle bulky loads, when you cannot see due to overload and when there is no safety. Some of the protective gears include forearm protection like gloves while handling sharp and rough edges, eye protection, boots for the foot to prevent hurting your foot while handling metal or plastic.

Avoiding storage hazards
Stored materials can be hazardous for employees. Workers have to be aware that the height and weight, how to access stored material and the condition of the storage racks where the material is stored or stacked. To prevent hazards while storing, employees have to keep the storage area free from accumulation leading to fire, tripping or explosion. This not just prevent accidents but also your materials safe from pests like rodents. The storing racks have to be at least 6 feet away from the way and 10 feet away from external walls. Arrange non-compatible materials separately. The employees have to be equipped with lifelines and belts to handle equipment safely.

Tips to stacking materials
Safety guidelines have to be followed while stacking materials. This can prevent falls and collapse of loads. The works can be protected from injuries, crush and even death. The stack number should not be more than 16 feet high to make it easier for handling. The nails and other dangerous protrusions have to be removed before stacking. The stack has to be supported by solid bracing. The racks have to be stable to prevent collapse.

Following such simple yet critically important guidelines can help prevent workplace injuries.

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