Crazy Guide To The Internet

The main reason I upgraded to the Windows Mobile platform was to surf the internet.and before you say it i might as well.i m beyond hope!

Most of the software I have downloaded and tried on my mobile computer has revolved around adding speed/convenience to my online experiences here is a very short list of FREE tools that help you surf better or online tools that aid your offline life!

a) Opera – An absolute MUST HAVE  tabbed browsing, multiple views, data compression the list goes on and on and on u though I am a BIG fan of firefox.i will urge you to stay away from Minimo  though its based on the mozilla shell, it falls way way short. Opera Mini is also an alternative, albeit a limiting oneůvery strange that Mini offers an option to remember passwords which the full version doesnĺt ..

b) Mobispine – Discovered yesterday and i m already addicted! An RSS reader for your phoneůhelps you maximise your news sources and adds some interesting feeds of its ownů iĺm just piping my ôWhat is Gautham reading just nowö to my phone. and running up some very moderate data usage .also, on the PATHETIC edge speeds that Hutch offers RSS is a much better alternative to HTML

c) Google Maps – Brilliant! Necessary if you re not too used to the offline world or a typical male that canĺt ask for directionsů.offers you the ability to zoom down to street view (well, almost) , has landmarks, aerial or satellite view, route mappers etc etc etc

d) Widsets – Allows you to run widgets on the Mobile platform is fun to play around withů. I ve kitted out too Wikipedia Widget is absolutely rocking.scrapes content, compresses and renders very very quickly other feeds i ve added include techcrunch, assorted news and email widgets iĺd urge you not to miss this one

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