Speed Up Your UPSC Exam Preparation With Recent Tech Innovations

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Every year thousands of candidates appear for UPSC exams in India. They strive hard to get into prestigious positions like IAS, IFS, IPS, etc. It is not easy to crack the UPSC exams at the first attempt without a proper preparation strategy. One of the main challenges faced by UPSC candidates is choosing the right study material for UPSC exam preparation. There are plenty of textbooks and reference books available in the market. It is really a nightmare for IAS aspirants to go through all the huge UPSC textbooks. Thus technology lends a helping hand for candidates preparing for UPSC exams. A perfect blend of technology and books can help IAS aspirants to crack the UPSC exams.

Technology has taken an upper hand in the educational sector. With the recent technological advancements and the use of the Internet, UPSC exam preparation has become easy and fast. The use of various educational apps and websites serve as a valuable learning platform for UPSC aspiring candidates. It is important that UPSC candidates make the right use of technology for speeding up the preparation process. Experts from All india civil service coaching centre Chennai offer the right guidance for IAS aspirants to use technological innovations in the right way.

In this article, you would get to know about the various online apps and websites that would make your UPSC exam preparation carefree and simple. It also talks about the benefit of using technology in the UPSC preparation journey.

Mobile Apps Eases Your UPSC Exam Preparation

Today everyone owns a smartphone and it is a popular tech gadget. There are several mobile apps and android related apps available on the smartphone. Mobile apps help in the effective preparation process of civil service aspiring candidates. The following is the list of mobile apps that would ease up the UPSC preparation phase.

Learning Space: It is an excellent mobile app that can be downloaded on your android mobile. It is mainly used by civil aspiring candidates for preparing for current affairs related topics.

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EverNote: It is a very useful note-making tool for UPSC candidates. It helps in taking up notes of important points when referring to various books and online resources. The notes get stored in the cloud and can be accessed as and when it is required.

ePathsala: This app is owned by the Government of India. UPSC candidates can use this app to read all NCERT books prescribed for Civil Service Exam preparation. The interactive user interface of the app makes it easy for aspirants to read the book without any issues.

Quizup: It is a mobile app that offers practice questions for preparing for Preliminary examinations.

Pratiyogita Darpan: It is an online mobile app which helps in accessing various magazines

Websites Offer Valuable Information On UPSC Subjects And Current Affairs

Websites serve as a valuable online resource for UPSC aspiring candidates. The following are some of the important websites that every civil service candidate must visit regularly.

NCERT: This is a government website that helps UPSC aspirants to access NCERT textbooks of all subjects. NCERT books serve as a strong base for understanding the basic concepts of topics included in the UPSC exam syllabus.

NITI Aayog Web Portal: It is a government of India website which offers details about various planning and actions implemented by the Indian Government.

A Laptop Showing The Website Of Union Public Service Commission.

ISRO: It is the official website of the Indian Space Research Organization offers information about the list of space missions executed from ISRO along with its specifications. It helps candidates prepare for preliminary and main examinations.

PRS: This is a website where IAS aspirants can get to know about the information of bills passed by the India Government.

Benefits of Technology For UPSC Aspirants

Technology serves as an additional learning guide and it offers several other benefits.
Saves Time: Tech innovations are definitely a time saver in various fields. With the use of UPSC websites and mobile apps it is possible to cover the entire syllabus of the civil service exam in less time.

Keeps You Updated: You get to know the latest information on UPSC exams. Online platforms keep you informed on current affairs.

Reduces Boredom: Reading numerous textbooks for IAS exam preparation can make you feel bored. Civil service mobile apps make civil service preparation interesting.

The above article gives a clear glimpse of how recent tech trends aids in UPSC exam preparation. And also Check here – To check out how to manage time for upsc preparation.

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