CVG Technocraft is proud to be a part of the manufacturing and marketing of various sensitive tools that measure pressure, air flow, temperature, etc. These kinds of instruments have been finding use in different industries around the world. Even Universities and colleges are using them to equip the future job force of tomorrow with the right knowledge.

CVG Technocraft has also made a foray into the robotics world with several kinds of sensors available that make robot building easier and faster. These sensors can be controlled through software which can be written using different programming languages like C, C++ or even Java. This helps students see their programs come to life and write better programs. CVG provides special guidance to students who are interested in attending World robotic tournaments by offering training as well as a mentor to help them. The staff at CVG Technocraft is devoted to ensuring that technology is easily accessible to people from all walks of life. This is the only way the new generation have a chance of learning the latest developments and move up the career ladder.

The equipment manufacturing industry is a very fragile one and needs constant caution and care as these instruments will be used for taking several critical readings. The material used for the manufacturing process have to be the very best in order to avoid any faulty readings as well. Since several toxic chemicals are used for the manufacturing prices of this equipment, it is also up to the industry to offer solutions to control the toxic waste material. Several organisations around the world restrict the use of elements like mercury and lead in electronic devices. CVG Technocraft ensures that all the rules and regulations are followed to the dot to make sure no harm comes to the environment in the manufacturing of different measuring equipment.

With technology rapidly evolving in every field the measuring equipment used are also not far behind. There have been different advancements in this field that has brought forth many changes that offer better readings and better clarity with lesser errors as well. CVG Technocraft takes pride in the fact that it employs the very latest technologies in its manufacturing process so that all the tools created are of the very best quality. CVG Technocraft also has a dedicated Research Department that is working full time to find better ways to improve these instruments to help pave a path for easier reading and even better accuracy in the future.